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Book Review: Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

This is one of those books that Tumblr raves about, which had been sitting on my shelf for so long unread. But I finally just decided to get it off Audible. I was expecting to love this book and thought it would be completely soul-crushing, but honestly I didn’t love it. It didn’t make me feel anything but some slight nostalgia of what teen love was like. But that’s pretty much it. What it’s about: Eleanor is finally allowed to come home after being kicked out one year earlier. On her first day at school she meets Park on the bus, and they start up a forbidden romance. Why forbidden? you ask. Because Eleanor’s stepfather is a psycho. What did I think: Honestly, I didn’t love it. Due to my black black heart and love of magic, Contemporary Romance isn’t my favourite genre to begin, but I was expecting to like this a lot more than I did. I think the main reason I didn’t love this was that I didn’t really like Eleanor, like at all. She felt …

Find Me Book Tag!

I was tagged by the really, really ridiculously awesome Cait from PaperFury The aim of the game here, dumplings, is to find a book for each of the thingies and take a photo of it. I think I did pretty damn well finding all of these. Well one of them is pretty much there and well that’s good enough for me. The Rules: 1) Find a book in each of the 10 categories below and photograph them 2) Tag the next victims 3) Link back to Christy at Novel Ink On to the tag, I say!  1. A book with a sunset. 2. A book with water 3. A book with a flower 4. A book with a heart  5. A book with Gone in the title 6. A girl in a white dress 7. A couple kissing (well, almost) 8. A book with headphones 9. A book with a moon 10. A book with a weapon I tag: TheWritingHufflepuff, DarcysBookBlog, PrettyPagesBlog, and BookishSmaug

May Book Haul

May Book Haul! So I bought…a few…. books during May. Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson (White’s Pocket Edition). I received this instead of the White’s Fine Edition which I have ordered a billion fricken times and always received a different edition. It’s getting quite frustrating I can tell you that. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley (Road’s Publishing). Another one to add to my Frankenstein collection. This edition is so so so beautiful! I need to buy more of these! Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll (Penguin Clothbound Edition). I have wanted this for so long but just never picked it up. Now I have it and I’m pretty darn happy about that. Silvermay by James Moloney. This book has the most beautiful cover. It’s a tragedy that it doesn’t come in hardcover! You can check out my review of this Here. The Crane Wife by Patrick Ness. So I already own this in paperback, and I haven’t read it, but I saw the hardcover for like $3 and decided to buy it. What can …