About me

Tina-&-Brian_196 (2)_editedMy name is Tina, and I am a book addict. I grew up in Canberra, Australia, where I still live with my husband and Brittany Spaniel, Ripley.  By day I am a PhD student working in tumour immunology, and by night I am an avid reader and book blogger.  I have been blogging on tumblr for about two years, but decided it was time to have a space of my own, so here I am.tumblr_nirgutHLgX1sinrrno1_1280

On weekends I edit/co-author a horror series with a friend in the UK.

I love taking photos of books, a passion that I have only recently discovered and it has led to me becoming an obsessed book collector, particularly of beautiful classics editions.

My favourite genres are fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and Historical Fiction. My all time favourite book is Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Marillier.

Feel free to come chat with me about books!

You can find me on Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram 

or contact me at readthebloodybook@outlook.com

Image of me by David Robertson Photography 


  1. Hey,
    I’m an Indian blogger and would love to increase my blog audience as I started in April and still am quite unheard of in blogsphere. I would love it if you could post something by me on your blog with the link to my blog, as yours is amazing and very popular.
    Here’s the link to my blog, I hope you consider.




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  3. Tina, you’re website is just beautiful! I can’t stop looking all over the place at all the gorgeous photos! The layout is flawless and you use it wonderfully. That’s all! Lol, I just wanted to compliment you on a seriously killer website!


  4. Tina, you have some unique way to take photos of books. I saw one when I was looking for “Dark Places”, and this is how I ended up on your blog. Great photos!!!!


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  7. Mary says

    Hi! Have you done anything on the storage of books? I would love to see how you handle that. 🙂 (What kind of shelves you like, whether you keep them in one room, or spread out, etc) It’s something I find a bit of a challenge/struggle. I think I need more shelves!


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