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Book Review: GEMINA by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

Hello, everyone! Today I will be reviewing on of my most anticipated reads of the entire year and perhaps ever. Gemina is the second book in the Illuminae Files series, and you can check out my (extremely eloquent) review of the first book, Illuminae here. Yeah… you could say I’m a fan of this series. So let’s get on with the review.


What it’s about? Um… I’m not going to tell you. firstly, because it’s a sequel and I don’t want to give any spoilers for the first book. Secondly, this series is one where you absolutely want to go in completely blind, just trust me. Just know that it’s Sci-Fi, it’s YA, it’s absolutely hilarious, it’s got amazingly creative formatting (it’s all documents and chat logs etc.), there’s spaceships. Just read it okay? Promise? Good.


What I thought: I think the best response to this is just an eternal standing ovation. It just deserves applause FOREVER. After a massive reading slump, I sat down and read this in a single sitting. This only arrived Friday morning, and I was finished it by Friday evening, and it’s not a small book. It’s one of those books that you would almost rather die from an exploded bladder than put it down for a single moment (I know… I only narrowly escaped with my life. Too much information?). I MISSED AN ENTIRE MEAL SO THAT I WOULDN’T HAVE TO PUT IT DOWN. And if that doesn’t tell you how good it is, nothing will.



Find it here:

Goodreads. Amazon. The Book Depository.



  1. Hahha, well I think you managed to write a slightly more articulate review for Gemina than you did for Illuminae (wasn’t it just the same sentence over and over saying “you must read this!” or something like that, lol?) – either way, your review for Illuminae worked for me and I read the book ASAP, and now I’m just waiting to finish my current read to start Gemina! I hope I love it, too!


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