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Book Slumps: Heat = No Reading

I have to admit, I didn’t really understand how people really got into reading slumps until recently. I’ve heard people blame reading slumps on a number of things, from reading really good books, to reading really bad ones. But it was never really a problem for me. I’d been in tiny reading slumps before, but they usually didn’t last more than a few days. So I never really got why everyone seemed so plagued by the dreaded reading slump. What could be so bad about just not reading for a couple of days? Honestly I thought you were all just a bunch of babies. Lovable, cute, adorable babies, but babies. But now I totally understand…


A few months ago when I started writing my thesis and my reading progress went completely downhill. This was completely understandable as I was spending about 14 hours a day writing. But since I took a break from writing, my reading hasn’t picked back up.  I am halfway through some really amazing books. But as much as I think about how much I want to read them, when I get home I just don’t want to pick them up.

But I finally figured out why. It’s the heat. Here in sunny ol’ Australia (where it’s summer), it’s like a bazillion degrees and my house does not have air con. It is impossible to get comfortable in my house. About a week ago we had a cool change (which unfortunately didn’t last long) and I was finally able to pick up a book AND IT WAS GLORIOUS!

So I kind of figured out that my reading slump kind of had nothing to do with reading, but more to do with the fact that I just can’t get comfortable enough to sit down and focus long enough to read. I also haven’t been taking anywhere near as many photos, as I usually take them outside and none of my plants have flowered because of the weather and everything is dry and awful. It’s affecting every aspect of my life.

In a way it’s kind of good, because it’s not really my fault. It’s the sun’s fault. But unfortunately the sun isn’t really going to go away any time soon, and from what I hear, it’s only going to get more enthusiastic about doing it’s job. So what am I going to do about this? Well, really the only thing that comes to mind is to move to New Zealand, but that’s not really the most realistic solution. It would involve selling houses, and moving things, and just no. Way too much effort. I’ve considered wishing really hard for it to just stay cold forever (which, by the way, if I could make that wish, I totally would. In a heartbeat. I wouldn’t care about those people who love the heat. Screw them. They had their time of sunshine. WELCOME TO MY WORLD OF ETERNAL SNOW AND DARKNESS! Life goal: become evil version of Elsa.)

But realistically, I’ve just decided to not get too upset about it. Next year I hope to be enough of an adult that I can afford air conditioning (hey! I’m a student. It’s perfectly acceptable to not be able to afford nice things). But until then, I can’t change the weather (yet.), and life is miserable enough on those 36 degree days, so why spend the time feeling bad about not reading?  Summer wont last forever, and there will be plenty of time to read in winter when it will be plenty cold in my house because I have no heating.




  1. Cait @ Paper Fury says

    omg I HEAR YOU I HEAR YOU. It’s 35 right now and I have no air-con and I feel exactly 0% motivated to read. But worse, summer has ruined ALL my outdoor photos. The plants are all dead-ish looking and the sun is too bright and WAHHH, TINA. LIFE IS SO HARD. *sobs*


    • I KNOW! I HAD NO FLOWERS THIS YEAR AT ALL BECAUSE THEY ALL DIED!!! Although it’s actually not hot here at all today in Canberra. It’s 18 degrees. But it keeps going right up and then right down again. My plants have no idea what’s going on!


  2. Yikes, I can’t imagine having to make it through a summer w/o AC. (I mean actually I can because I have also been a Starving College Student, but many of those memories are repressed haha.) I hope things cool off for you soon. 🙂


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