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A long overdue book haul.

Hello, dearest ones.

As you all know I have been off thesis-ing. I have also had my father almost dying from septic shock because a damn surgeon doesn’t know how to wash their hands properly, thrown into the mix (he’s totally fine by the way). Anyway, it’s been chaos here in Tina-land. BUT some good things have also happened, I have been offered a job, but it does mean extending out my PhD so I can get a bunch of experiments done before the next grant round. So that means that my thesis writing has become a little less frantic, and hopefully that will mean I will actually be able to read something other than scientific journals. There just really aren’t enough dragons in scientific journals.

Anyway… Book haul!

IMG_5895 (2)_edited

First up is the riffle paper version of Alice in Wonderland. It this looks familiar, it’s because it sort of matches the Puffin in Bloom books (it’s not the same size, but similar otherwise). Getting this in the mail was so exciting because I pre-ordered it about 6 months ago!


You can get a copy of this beauty here.

IMG_5880 (2)_edited

I also got five of the Barnes and Nobel Leatherbound Classics editions from my Husband for my birthday. He bought me: Classic Horror Tales, Fairy tales by Hans Christen Andersen, Moby Dick, A Wrinkle in Time, and The Snow Queen. They are all beautiful and I have so many of these books but they keep bringing out new ones and I must have them and this is why all my clothes are so worn that they are full of holes. Because Barnes and Noble wont stop releasing pretty books. It’s totally not my fault.

IMG_5899 (2)_edited

Lastly, I got the AMAZING Folio Society version of Dune by Frank Herbert from my parents for my birthday. This book is BEAUTIFUL!!!! All the Folio Society editions of everything are beautiful, but I think this might actually be my favourite. The illustrations are stunning. It’s also my dad’s favourite book and I keep promising him I’ll read it, so now I have even more motivation to read it.


So those are the books I got recently. Aren’t they all just so so pretty? Now I just need some more shelves to fit them on…


  1. Cait @ Paper Fury says

    THE BEAUTIFULNESS OF THIS POST AWES ME. But that’s terrible about your father. D: Glad he’s okay.


    • Yeah, he made a miraculous recovery. He’s so constantly making amazing recoveries from almost dying (and actually dying a few times). I think he may be immortal. OMG! DOES THAT MEAN I’M IMMORTAL?!


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