Friday Photographer Feature
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Friday Photographer Feature – Books with Bazzi

Hello everyone! Happy Friday. Boy have I had a day (had a massive experiment to do and i’m exhausted). So I am definitely in need of some lovely photography. Today’s photographer is the wonderful Books with Bazzi.


Name: Zaynab Ali Bazzi

Location: Denmark

Favourite book: You really want me to pick only one? In this case I read The Queen of the Tearling this year and I LOVED it.

Favourite classic: Is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho considered a classic? If so, this will be it.

Favorite book to photograph: Hardbacks are great books to photograph – they stand up easily, you can take the dusk jacket off and position them both differently. I really love the Throne of Glass books

Hogwarts House: Let’s Huffle the Puff!!

Random Question – Which fictional societies/worlds do you most and least want to live in?

  • Worlds I would most want to live in:

The Harry Potter world!

Percy Jackson

The Shadowhunter world.

  • World I would least want to live in:

The Divergent world – wasn’t that big of a fan, and really not the best world to live in.

The same goes for The Hunger Games, though I loved it A LOT, it’s still not an ideal world to live in.

Thank you, Bazzi, for agreeing to be featured and sharing your photos with us.

You can find Bazzi on Tumblr, Instagram, and Goodreads.

All photos taken by Books with Bazzi and used with her permission.  

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