Friday Photographer Feature
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Friday Photographer Feature – Books From My Shelf

Hello lovelies! It’s Friday! This week I have Trina from Books From My Shelf with me to share some lovely photography. Trina has absolutely awesome taste in books and going through her photos I noticed that we seem to have very similar tastes in books! Yay! Trina also runs the very important Book Trigger List that basically has huge numbers  of books organsised for those who  need trigger warnings, which is pretty awesome.


Name: Trina

Location: NSW, Australia

Favourite book: I am so so bad at picking favourites but I always just say Harry Potter.
Favourite classic: Lolita, The Handmaid’s Tale, The Day of the Triffids.

Favourite book to photograph: any and all of them.

Hogwarts house: I’ve never actually taken a test anywhere but if I had to guess I would say Ravenclaw.

Random Question: Which book character do you think you would be besties with and what book would you recommend them?

Maybe Camille from Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects, and I would rec her anything that had a happy ending so that she can believe that they exist.

You can find Trina on Tumblr, Instagram, Goodreads

Thank you to Trina for agreeing to be featured here.

All photos were taken by Trina and used wit her permission.

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