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Book Review: The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly by Stephanie Oakes

“It’s a small kind of weapon, this story. I stab someone with and they hurt, every time.”

I picked this one up after watching one of Tilly and Her Books videos on Booktube. And I am so glad I did. There really is something special about this book.

What it’s about: Minnow Bly was raised in a cult, ruled over by a prophet named Kevin. When Minnow disobeys the prophet, he cuts of her hands as punishment. This act of brutality finally gives her the push she needs to escape and live a life of freedom… but then things don’t exactly go as planned and she ends up serving time in a juvenile prison.

“I figure out they’re not making me new hands. They can’t do that, the doctor says like I’m slow, and I turn away to glare at the wall, eyes burning. Growing up, I believed in miracles. I guess I don’t anymore.”

What I thought: Firstly, this book is dark. It’s horrific and violent, but also beautiful. I can imagine this book becoming a classic. I can imagine high school students being prescribed this book to study in school. It’s a harrowing story, and so profound and I bloody loved it.

IMG_4879 (3)_edited

I sounded like a cloudburts. I felt like thunder. 

Minnow is just such a perfectly complex character. Obviously, she’s been through some trauma. She grew up in a cult that treated women absolutely appallingly, she had her hands cut off, and then she ends up in juvie. Her life has been no picnic. But somehow she hasn’t emerged a broken thing.

Minnow’s cell mate, Angel, was definitely one of the highlights in this book. She is such a wonderful character who complemented Minnow perfectly, and I loved their relationship. They just ended up besties who accepted one another’s flaws and loved each other and it was just a wonderfully written friendship between two girls who have been through a lot.

“Most of these girls have learned from somewhere to apologize for existing.”

The mystery in this book of the sequence of events that lead up to Minnow being arrested are plotted perfectly. Everyone secret is revealed at exactly the right pace. This book is completely unputdownable. If I hadn’t started it at midnight when I had to leave early for the coast in the morning, I would have read the whole thing, but luckily I had a long car trip that I was able to finish it during, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it. And I really need the hardcover!

I can’t recommend this book highly enough to everyone! Read it!

I rate it 5/5 stars.

Find it here:

Goodreads. Amazon. The Book Depository. Kobo.


  1. aentee @ read at midnight says

    HE CUTS OFF HER HAND? How did I manage to miss this detail about the book. Now I definitely have to read it. Minnow sounds like an amazing character with depth, and I love that the book explores an issue not often seen in YA fiction. Great review!


      • aentee @ read at midnight says

        Holy, that’s some intense stuff, the more twisted it is the more I must read it! Thanks for the rec 😀


  2. Cait @ Paper Fury says

    OMG I NEED TO READ THIS BOOK SO MUCH. GAH. Everyone raves about it and the no hands + juvie = Cait needs to read this book. *goes to see if library has it yet*


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