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Friday Featured Photographer: The Book Ferret

Happy Friday, everyone! So last year, I won second place in the Booklr Award’s Best Book Photography, and today’s featured photographer is the one who beat me. And you can totally see why. Today’s photographer works more as part of a team rather than solo, and she has some of the cutest little helpers around! It’s Meredith from The-Book-Ferret and her wonderful little models, Quigley and Diggle.

Question Time!

Name: Meredith Anderson Coffman

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah but soon to be Chicago, Illinois!

Favorite Classic: Pride & Prejudice

Favorite Book to Photograph: Anna and the French Kiss

Hogwarts House: Ravenpuff Pride!

Random Question: If you were to write a novel about the adventures of Quigley and Diggle, which fictional world would it be set in?

I think Quigley and Diggle would fit so well in Hogwarts! They would have quite the time exploring all of the books and crannies in the castle!

You can find Meredith on: Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Vine,  Snapchat: bookferretsnaps.

Thank you very much to Meredith (and Quigley and Diggle) for agreeing to be featured here.

All photos were taken by Meredith and used with her permission.


  1. Cait @ Paper Fury says

    OMGG I NEED A FERRET. Or two. These are absolutely adorable and Quigley (!!) I love that name!! And also the photos…ahhhh, I love these features. ❤ More people to follow on aaaall the social media places.


    • I want a ferret but I don’t know how Ripley would go with one. Also apparently they have nasty stinky scent glands (they are related to skunks) and in the US they remove them from all ferrets but in Australia it’s illegal, so Aussie ferrets are stinky.


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