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Recom-Monday-tions! The Diviners by Libba Bray

As I am currently reading the sequel to the amazing The Diviners by Libba Bray, Lair of Dreams, I thought this might be a nice time to recommend the first book in the series to everyone.

The Diviners is a story of many stories, but our main protagonist, Miss Evie O’Neil, is a young, and rather mischievous, psychic girl from Ohio, who wants nothing more than to see her name in lights. After she uses her gifts to reveal a few too many secrets of powerful men, her parents send her to New York to live with her strange, occult expert uncle (because that’s the way to sort out a troubled teen, right, guys?). Evie sees her new life in 1920’s New York as a dream come true… until she gets tangled up in the web of a supernatural serial killer.

This rather hefty book (weighing in at 592 pages) is absolutely brilliant! It’s just as full of laughs as it is full of feels. There are so many amazing characters in this and the different perspectives are woven together perfectly. Per-fect-ly.

Probably the biggest downside of this series is the constantly changing covers (especially seeing as the best cover by far – everyone will agree – was the original cover, which it appears they are not continuing with). Actually this book had a lot of really great covers, they just seem to be focusing on the worst ones. I will never understand. They now have at least three variations on the bad covers and they seem to just keep doing more even though everyone is complaining about how they all just want the first cover. LISTEN TO US!!!!

Anyway, whichever cover you choose, the book is awesome and you will love it.

Check it out: 

Goodreads. Amazon. The Book Depository. Kobo.


  1. Yes more people need to read these books! I love everything about them, from the characters to the historical setting to the creepiness. The constantly changing covers is a bit of a pain but so far the Australian versions haven’t changed so I can’t really complain.

    Hope you’re enjoying Lair of Dreams!


  2. I’m usually not a fan of Paranormal and I dont read much YA but I loved The Diviners and the character of Evie, can’t wait to read the sequel too! Oh no I really wanted to buy the first book as I hired mine from the Library but I wanted the orignial cover too.


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