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Photoset: Lord of the Rings in Winter

It’s been really cold lately (as one might expect in the middle of winter), but it’s so cold that they have predicted snow for tomorrow! Snow! It snows very rarely here as we’re usually to close to sea level to get snow. So, I was feeling pretty wintery, and camera and mug of tea in hand, I set off into the frigid backyard to take some winter-inspired photos. So, enjoy.

IMG_4178 (2)_edited

IMG_4190 (2)_edited 2_edited_edited

IMG_4183 (3)_edited

IMG_4192 (2)_edited

IMG_4180 (2)_edited

IMG_4187 (2)_edited

IMG_4192 (2)_edited

IMG_4181 (2)_edited

IMG_4194 (2)_edited

IMG_4183 (2)_edited

You can get this cute little boxset at The Book Depository or Amazon.


  1. Cait @ Paper Fury says

    OMG THESE ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. And they are totally the most gorgeous editions of LOTR ever. And snow?! SNOW. It’s been frigid where I am, but I’m probably too close to Brisbane to ever get snow. I’ve neeever seen snow. My soul is sad. xD


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