Month: June 2015

Recom-Monday-tions! Deathless by Catherynne M. Valente

“You will always fall in love, and it will always be like having your throat cut.” This is a beautiful (and strange) retelling of the Russian folk tale Koschei the Deathless and his young bride, Marya Morevna. It’s not an easy book to describe and it not completely clear what is happening all of the time, but it doesn’t matter. This book has prose on a level way above any other. It’s just so beautiful. It’s ridiculously beautiful. The fact that such beautiful words came from a person’s brain just boggles my mind. I frequently would read a passage of this and have to put it down for a moment and be like “how the hell did someone write this?”  have never read anything like it and I doubt I ever will again. IT’S. JUST. SO. BEAUTIFUL. “I do not tolerate a world emptied of you. I have tried. For a year I have called every black tree Marya Morevna; I have looked for your face in the patterns of the ice. In the dark, …

Find Me Book Tag!

I was tagged by the really, really ridiculously awesome Cait from PaperFury The aim of the game here, dumplings, is to find a book for each of the thingies and take a photo of it. I think I did pretty damn well finding all of these. Well one of them is pretty much there and well that’s good enough for me. The Rules: 1) Find a book in each of the 10 categories below and photograph them 2) Tag the next victims 3) Link back to Christy at Novel Ink On to the tag, I say!  1. A book with a sunset. 2. A book with water 3. A book with a flower 4. A book with a heart  5. A book with Gone in the title 6. A girl in a white dress 7. A couple kissing (well, almost) 8. A book with headphones 9. A book with a moon 10. A book with a weapon I tag: TheWritingHufflepuff, DarcysBookBlog, PrettyPagesBlog, and BookishSmaug

Friday Photographer Feature – Polly & Books

Hello, lovelies! It’s Friday and that means it’s photography feature time! This week’s fair and talented maiden the the wonderful Polly & Books. Polly is well known for her lovely book photography on tumblr and instagram. Her photos are just gorgeous (perhaps the only thing more gorgeous is Polly’s beautiful smile). Question Time! Name: Polly Location: England Favourite book: All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven Favourite Classic: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald Favourite Book to Photograph: Naked hardbacks are really beautiful to photograph. Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw Random Question: It’s the zombie apocalypse. A) Which book character would you trust to protect you? B) Who would you sacrifice yourself for? and C) who would you sacrifice to give yourself a head start? A) Caelena Sardothien (Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas) B) Max Vandenberg (The Book Thief by Markus Zusak) C) Queen Levana (The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer) You can find Polly on Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, and Goodreads Thank you so much to Polly for agreeing to be featured here and answering my questions. …

Bird was a girl with secrets.

“How did you know,“ Summer would demand, and then decide: “It’s probably a coincidence.” “It’s not a coincidence,” Bird would say. “It’s just obvious. Your body just knows.” “But how do you know?” “How do you know a story is a good story or not?” asked Bird. “Like that. You know like that.” I just picked this up yesterday with the intention of just reading a page or two before going back to the book I was already reading, and I read several chapters and have been thinking about it every since. The prose is just gorgeous!

Are you all insane? – the ridiculous habits of publishers and booksellers and how they should be punished severely.

One would think that publishers and booksellers, to have ended up in such an industry, would have to have at least a casual fondness for the written word and the pages those words are contained within. Yet, for some unfathomable reason, they keep committing sins so atrocious one might find themselves questioning whether they actually like books at all, or if they are all just monsters. As book lovers, we’ve all been the victims of this uncivilized behaviour at one time or another, and I think it’s time we call these book-abusing scoundrels out and demand they start treating our books (and their readers) with the respect they deserve. This is just a list of some of the abominations that are frequently committed at the hands of publishers and booksellers. 1. Stickers Possibly the most barbaric of all the sins committed by those we expect to love books the most. They range from advertisements to prices and they are all evil. Sometimes they can be removed without causing major damage to the book, but often they …

June Book Haul #1 and the unacceptable practices of booksellers.

So I don’t know how this happened. Where did all these books come from? Is it time for another book buying ban? What can I say, Dymocks was having a sale and I was really close to getting my Booklovers Gold card. So I bought three of the little black penguin books, three popular penguins (which are three for $20 at Dymocks at the moment), one Agatha Christie novel and the hardcover of The Miniaturist. I ordered the Barnes and Noble leatherbound edition of Peter Rabbit ages ago and I was starting to wonder if it was going to come. I have the new edition of The Jungle Book in the Puffin Children’s Classics set. I also received Thief’s Magic by Trudi Canavan from Hachette Australia (I am part of the upcoming blog tour, which includes a giveaway – so stay tuned) and I’m really excited to get into this one. And finally, and disappointingly I received the beautiful Summer and Bird, which unfortunately has quite a large amount of sticker damage. That brings me to a …


please tell me I am not the first to make this pun? “We lead strange lives, chasing our dreams around from place to place.” This is the story of a phenomenally mesmerizing circus which sets the stage for two egotistical magicians to wager their kids in a magical pissing contest. Despite this book have nothing even remotely resembling a plot, it is absolutely fantastic. So beautiful. Go read it now. Goodreads  Thebookdepository, Kobo

Friday Reads

I am so excited to be approved for The Invasion of the Tearling by Erika Johansen on Netgalley! I’m really excited to (hopefully) make some sense of the crazy makes-no-sense world of the Tearling. I sound sarcastic but I actually really enjoyed the first book, but lets face it, no one has any fricken clue what the hell is the deal with the world. Like it’s Earth but its like medievalish. No one knows what’s going on. BUT I MIGHT SOON!

Friday Photographer Feature – Tilly-and-her-books!

Hello, lovelies! It’s Friday again and that means its time to pay homage to another amazing book photographer! This week’s photographer is one of the sweetest and most talented book lovers I know. She’s an amazing photographer, and awesome booktuber, and I’m pretty sure she has some kind of superpowers that attracts adorable animals. Oh, and she has THE MOST AMAZING LIBRARY. It’s Tilly from Tilly-and-her-books! Question Time! Name: Tilly Location: Perth, Australia Favourite book: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak Favourite Classic: The Night Circus (if that doesn’t count Pride and Prejudice) Favourite Book to Photograph: My whole bookshelves to be honest! But one book…I have a special edition of Sinner by Maggie Steifvater that is BEAUTIFUL so it would be that one! Hogwarts House: I thought I was a Slytherin but i was sorted into Gryffindor! Random Question: If you could choose one magical or technological item from any book, what would it be and how would you use it? Time Turner! Imagine the possibilities…I would probably spend the first week being selfish …

Book Review: Bird Box by Josh Malerman

Imagine you’re in a post-apocalyptic world where if you open your eyes and see some…thing… you will die horribly. How are you going to survive? How are you going to get food and water and protect yourself with your freaking eyes closed? Sounds fucking terrifying huh? Welcome to Bird Box. “It’s better to face madness with a plan than to sit still and let it take you in pieces.” What’s it about? Mallory finds out she’s pregnant the day the world ends. Something is making people go crazy and murdery when they see ‘something’ and the only chance for survival is to never open your eyes outside. Unless you want to die and awful bloody death. For five years Mallory has trained her children to be like baby versions of Daredevil with super developed senses so that when they eventually have to leave their home, they just might have a chance of making it to safety. What I thought: I really liked this book. It was bloody creepy. I have never read a book that …