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Recom-Monday-tions – The Ocean at the End of the Lane

This is one of the only books that when I finished it, I immediately turned back to the beginning to read it again. It’s a rather strange book as it is actually adult fiction (despite what my university’s bookstore shelves it as) but it’s written like a children’s book. I’ve really never read anything like it.

This is the story of a man travelling back to his childhood home and rediscovering memories he thought he had lost. Memories of a strange girl and her duck pond that was actually an ocean. Memories of finding a friend when he thought he was helpless and alone. This book is so beautiful. It is one of those books I talk about frequently as often being my favorites, those quietly beautiful books.

This book was probably in my top three favourite books I read last year. It is just so unique and wonderful. Everyone Should really give this book a go. It’s also quite short so it will only take you a few hours and it will be a few hours well spent.

When I bought this book, I accidentally bought it by accident. It was $16.99 on Kobo and I thought Screw that! but I accidentally touched the buy now button on my touch screen and purchased it. I was really disappointed with myself for spending so much on an ebook (let’s face it, it’s a ridiculous price) but I read it anyway, and after reading it, I would have spent more. I actually did because then I went out and bought the hardcover (as I tend to do).

Goodreads. The Book Depository. Kobo (it’s cheaper now). Amazon: The Ocean at the End of the Lane: A Novel


  1. Clearly, this book was meant for you to read! 🙂 I’ve only read Neverwhere and Coraline by Gaiman but I’ve been a fan of him since watching that 2012 commencement speech of him. I’d like to read this one, too.

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  2. I’ve yet to read anything by Neil Gaiman. I know, shame on me. I’m so glad to hear The Ocean at the End of the Lane was one of your faves last year though- I’m definitely looking forward to reading it now!

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  3. I saw your picture, saw that you were on Instagram, and immediately knew I’d be following you! That is such a gorgeous photograph, though, it really caught my attention.
    I didn’t have the patience, maybe, to keep listening to The Ocean at the End of the Lane when I got it out from the library on audio. I adore Neil Gaiman but this felt odd and slow and I wasn’t into it, but that might also be the adult feel of it- I’ve only really read his children and YA work. It does have that familiar whimsical, mystical, Gaiman feel to it, from what you’ve written, though! Glad you loved it so much.
    Also, Hi! I think your blog looks gorgeous and it’s nice to meet you. xx

    Romi @

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  4. missdarcy87 says

    I have this on my kindle to read. One of these days I’ll get around to it.


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