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Find Me Book Tag!

I was tagged by the really, really ridiculously awesome Cait from PaperFury

The aim of the game here, dumplings, is to find a book for each of the thingies and take a photo of it. I think I did pretty damn well finding all of these. Well one of them is pretty much there and well that’s good enough for me.

The Rules:

1) Find a book in each of the 10 categories below and photograph them

2) Tag the next victims

3) Link back to Christy at Novel Ink

On to the tag, I say! 

1. A book with a sunset.

IMG_3543 (2)_edited

2. A book with water

IMG_7094 (4)_edited

3. A book with a flower

IMG_3626 (2)_edited

4. A book with a heart 

IMG_3568 (2)_edited

5. A book with Gone in the title

IMG_3580 (2)_edited 2

6. A girl in a white dress

IMG_3610 (2)_edited

7. A couple kissing (well, almost)

IMG_3589 (2)_edited

8. A book with headphones

IMG_3576 (2)_edited

9. A book with a moon

IMG_3599 (2)_edited

10. A book with a weapon

IMG_3596 (2)_edited

I tag: TheWritingHufflepuff, DarcysBookBlog, PrettyPagesBlog, and BookishSmaug


  1. Cait @ Paper Fury says

    OMGGGG YOUR PHOTOS ARE JUST GORGEOUS. AFDKJLSA I LOVE THAT FIRST ONE SO MUCH. But also the #2 one actually looks underwater. Talent, is all I can say. ❤ ❤


  2. All these photos are gorgeous. I envy your photography skill.

    I seriously want to read Eleanor & Park, I keep hearing that it’s fantastic.


  3. chantelle2015 says

    Your photos are always so beautiful! I’ve just taken a bunch of photos for this tag – I just need to write the post now. I was taking them outside, and people must have wondered what on earth I was doing 😀

    I love the headphones one! 🙂


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