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Book Review: Silvermay by James Moloney

There comes a time in all young parents lives when they must ask themselves the question: Should I kill my baby for the good of all mankind? for most of us, the answer is most likely ‘probably not’, but for young Silvermay, who finds herself the primary carer of baby Lucien, her answer might just be ‘yes. yes I should.’

What’s it about? When young, beautiful Nerigold goes to work for a Wyrdborn lord (basically sociopaths with magical powers – FUN!) and ends up with no memories of the last few months and a baby in the belly, she, and a mysterious-yet-really-really-ridiculously-good-looking travelling companion claiming to be the Baby Daddy, go on the run to protect her baby from his evil real daddy. When a weakened Nerigold and her newborn, Lucien, literally fall into Silvermay’s lap, ends up being the live-in (or rather on-the-run-with) nanny. And of course she ends up falling for Mr Dream-Boat McFake Baby Daddy.

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What did I think? So I have been eyeing off this book for quite some time. I mean seriously just look at that cover!!!! Anyway, I finally downloaded the preview of it on my Kobo, and I bought it after just reading the first page – which was incidentally about infanticide. I don’t know what that says about me exactly. Oh well. Moving on. I was actually expecting this to be adult fantasy, but it was very much young adult. Silvermay even actually acted like a 16 year old, unlike most teenage protagonists in YA fiction who seem to act like they are in their early 30’s (I’m looking at you Karou! What kind of seventeen year old goes to art school instead of regular high school and has their own apartment! Where are child services? Anyway, I digress…)

There were a lot of things that could have made me dislike this book, but I just couldn’t help thoroughly enjoying it. One of the highlights was that at no point during this book did it feel like I had read it before. I’ve been finding this lately in some of the YA fantasy that I’ve been reading where it all just seems so familiar. This book did not.

One of the reasons for this may have been that Silvermay came across as quite a unique character to me. Maybe because she is the dumbest protagonist I have ever read. Seriously, the girl is not clever. This is definitely a book where you are two steps (at least) ahead of the protagonist, but hey not everyone can be clever. It actually became kind of endearing after a while, watching poor Silvermay catch up. But she is a sweet sweet girl (contemplation of baby murder aside) and I loved the way she kinda talked to herself in her head.

The one thing I really disliked was how rushed the ending was. It was far too abrupt. But that was really all I didn’t like.

This book is a sweet little story and Silvermay is an adorable girl who I really liked reading about. I would recommend it to YA fantasy fans.

I rate it 3.5/5 stars

BUT I feel I should tell people this, Once you have finished, DON’T turn the page! In both ebook and hard copies there is a synopsis for each of the next two books and they are filled with spoilers! Why the publisher did this I cannot fathom! It’s so stupid.

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