Friday Photographer Feature
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Friday Photographer Feature: Ziba.Reads!

Hello! It’s Friday again (yay!) and that means its time to feature another amazing bookish photographer. In case you’re new here and don’t know what this is about, each Friday I will be featuring one of my favourite book photographers from across the internet. Along with a showcase of some of their beautiful photos, each photographer will answer a few questions so we can get to know them better.

This week’s photographer is probably one of the best known book photographers on Instagram. Her photos are absolutely stunning!

It’s Ziba from Ziba.Reads!

Question time!

Name: Ziba Gómes

Location: Sweden

Favourite Book: The Beach by Alex Garland

Favourite Classic: (so many!) Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier

Hogwarts House: Rawenclaw

Random Question: If you could invite one author (living or dead) to a book club, who would it be and what book would you choose to discuss?

Def Hemingway and I’d probably want to discuss his Farewell to Arms and his thoughts on the ending.

You can find Ziba here:  Instagram, Twitter

Thank you, Ziba, for being willing to be featured here and answer my questions.

All photos in this post were taken by Ziba and used with permission. 

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  1. lisvifadlillah says’s cool since i following ziba.reads on ig
    you guys have a lovely awesome site 😀


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