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Friday Reads – Silvermay by James Moloney

I’ve been meaning to pick this book up for a really really long time. I finally downloaded a preview of it from the Kobo store last night and was completely sold by the prologue.

This is a fantasy trilogy by Australian author, James Moloney. About a young girl who gets caught up in the escape of a young couple fleeing dark forces that for some (yet) unknown reason are pursuing the couple’s newborn son.

Strangely, I just read Sarah J. Maas’ A Court of Thorns and Roses with two of the main characters being Tamlin and Lucien, and two of the main characters in this one are also Tamlin and Lucien. Strange.

You can get the ebook from Kobo here.


  1. I love Friday reads!! I just started noticing this on blogs and am jumping on board. Such a fun way to share current reads. How is this one comparing to A Court of Thrones and Roses so far?


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