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April book haul

So I picked up some extra work in the last few weeks, so I went a little crazy. What can I say? But they’re nice aren’t they?

Most of these are additions to series that I have been collecting. The beautiful editions of Christmas Stories by Charles Dickens and Sherlock Holmes are from the White’s Fine Edition collection. Unfortunately I don’t think I will ever own this whole collection as about two of these are now nearly impossible to find for a reasonable price. I did order Treasure Island in this edition, but they couldn’t get it so they just sent me a random edition – I was not happy.

I have also added this beautiful copy of Jane Eyre to my Barnes and Noble Leatherbound Classics Collection. These books are just beautiful and excellent quality, especially for the price.

This lovely Penguin Clothbound edition of Metamorphoses by Ovid made it to my very limited set of these books. And as you can see, my set of Penguin English Library Editions is growing rapidly. I just love the way these spines look together.

Lastly my set of Puffin Children’s Classics is almost complete! I picked up these adorable editions of the Wizard of Oz and Matilda, and the wonderful Sarah at Treesofreverie (bless her cotton socks) tracked down the out-of-print and ridiculously hard to find edition of Grimm’s Fairytales for me. And I am incredibly grateful for her efforts.

I have bought a great deal more books this month but as they have not yet arrived, they will probably be featured next month. Until then, happy reading.


  1. Cait says

    These are so beautiful I basically want to stroke my laptop screen. SO NICE. I don’t own many classics, probs because I don’t even read that many. >_< But I'd love to get an epic edition of Alice in Wonderland one day because I loooove that story the most.


  2. Oh my goodness gracious these books look wonderful…I love old books. You can’t see it but I’m drooling at my screen. Lol Enjoy those lovely beauties! 🙂


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