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The Mastery of Sir Terry Pratchett

I remember waking up at some ungodly hour in the morning on that terrible day, and unable to sleep, I checked my twitter and read the news of his death. Suffice to say, I didn’t get much sleep that night. The passing of Sir Terry Pratchett is such a loss to literature. The Discworld series was truly unique and it’s hard to believe that there will never be any more of them written. As I said, a true loss.

His work is so wonderful, and all his books deserve covers such as these. Unforunately, only half the series has been released in these editions, released by Gollancz, but the rest of the series is owned by a different publisher. It would be nice if we could see some kind of collaboration to complete this amazing collection.

You can get them here:

The Unseen University Collection:

The Colour of MagicThe Light FantasticSourceryMoving PicturesEric 

The Death Collection:

HogfatherMortReaper ManSoul Music

The City Watch Collection:

JingoGuards! Guards!Feet of ClayMen at ArmsInteresting Times

The Witches Collection:

Equal RitesWyrd SistersWitches AbroadLords and LadiesMasquerade

The Gods Collection:

Small GodsPyramids,

Good Omens

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