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Book Review: The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon

“Some revolutions change the world in a day. Others take decades or centuries or more, and others still never come to fruition. Mine began with a moment and a choice.”

What’s it about? The Mime Order is the Sequel to the dystopian fantasy, The Bone Season. The story takes place in an alternate London, called Scion, where clairvoyants (humans with magical abilities) exist, but are hunted down by the government. We follow Paige, a young voyant who works for the underground voyant crime syndicate.

In order to avoid spoilers for either The Bone Season, or The Mime Order, this review will be rather short.

What did I think? Right off the bat I thought this book exceeded its predecessor, which was also excellent. A lot more of Scion and the Syndicate’s place in the city is revealed, along with more details of the remarkably constructed machinations of the voyants and the aether.

We really get to see how beautifully unique and finely constructed the world Samantha Shannon has created is with this novel. This world is so rich with whimsical details and filled with wonderfully complex and mysterious characters.

Samantha Shannon’s writing is just so beautiful and flows remarkably. Not a single sentence jars or feels wrong. The writing style perfectly suits the novel as it has that same whimsical richness as the content. It is paced beautifully, and I can promise that you will lose sleep because you just cannot put it down.

If you enjoyed The Bone Season, you definitely will not be disappointed by this sequel.

I cannot wait for the rest of this series.

I rate The Mime Order 5/5 stars


I received a review copy for free from Bloomsbury Australia in exchange for an honest review.


  1. chantelle2015 says

    I didn’t love this book as much as the first one but I still really enjoyed it. I’m glad you loved it so much.

    Also, all your photos that you post are incredible!


    • I actually preferred The Mime Order to The Bone Season. I loved getting to see all the intricacies of the Syndicate which I was hoping we would see in the first book but didn’t. I just really love this series though. I think it’s truly unique.


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